Transducer Design

Light, Motors, Pneumatic and Hydraulics.

About Calibrato

Although transducers can sometimes refer to sensors, on this page a transducer is the device that converts the output of electronic system into something physically meaningful. This includes Light (displays), Movement(motors/values) and Heat.

We have designed research orientated Active Matrix panels for Organic Light Emitting Displays using a design methodology similar to integrated circuit design. This included designing the video signal conditioning circuitry to interface the video signal to the display panel.

Movement control systems using DC and Stepping motors have been designed. These maybe controlled via a host computer using USB or RS232 bus. We have experience in designing DC motor drivers using linear or switching power control circuits up to 20 Watts. Stepping motors drivers have been realised with embedded or FPGA based state machines.

Electro-pneumatic systems with integrated position sensing have been realised using FESTO control values and analogue control circuits. We can design complete electro-pneumatic systems using our mechanical design partners.



AMOLED display design
DC Motor Power Circuits
Stepper motor control
Electro-Pneumatic Drivers