ASIC Design

Not as expensive as you may think.

Fully Differential OP-AMP

There are rumors and perceptions that an ASIC will take millions of dollars to develop. This is not the case. For some mixed signal ASICs the cost can be well within the reach of any company.

It used to be the case that Non-recurring Engineering (NRE) costs were a significant barrier to using an ASIC in a product. This is not always the case anymore.

The previous costs were due to EDA tools being $100,000/ year to hire and the foundries fabrication machinery being newly developed. EDA tools vendors and foundries needed to re-coup their development costs and this was reflected in the ASIC costs.

When using older mature technologies, .35micron CMOS for example, and PC based EDA tools, the significant costs are now mostly likely due to the design-engineers' wage. As Calibrato is a new company we are currently offering a significantly lower cost for design services to break open the ASIC route for small to mid-sized companies.

Using .35micron technology is usually good enough for most mixed signal applications.

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ASIC can be affordable.

Calibrato is offering a design service to match your budget.