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About Calibrato

As a relatively new company we are in the process of "empire building" with regard to the equipment and software that we use. We have the usual electronic designers hardware; oscilloscopes, function generators, embedded/host software. However, we have some key hardware and software that differentiates us from other electronic design companies.

Tanner tools

Tanner Tools:

Tanner tools is a windows based chip design software. It provides an integrated environment for schematic capture of circuits, simulation, layout and verification. A number of IC foundries now provide design kits and these design kits allow us to select a chip technology suited to your application: automotive, high voltage, RF and optical to name but a few. In essence we use a "fabless" or foundry model design process.


Solartron 1260

Solartron 1260:

This is an Impedance Gain Phase analyser. It gives us the ability to obtain calibrated measurements of impedance (capacitance/inductance and resistance) with great accuracy. In addition, the solortron can take measurement over a great number of different frequencies giving us a spectroscopic impedance analysis.



Fully equipped electronic design and test laboratory.
Integrated Circuit Design Software (TannerEDA)
Impedance Spectroscopy capability (Solartron 1260A)