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About Calibrato

Iain Hunter:

I gained a BEng in Engineering Electronics at the University of Warwick in 1991. I studied for a PhD in Neural Networks for Robotic Control.

My first commercial experience was at Si-Plan Electronics Research. It was here that I first really began to understand analogue electronics and further, complete electro-mechanical control systems.

I moved to Philips Research in the UK where I worked in the large area electronics sector. Here I was able to project-lead and design worlds' first displays such as the Active Matrix Polymer-LED display; perhaps a technology to supercede the LCD flat displays? It was my first encounter with design on glass using less than ideal transistors. I worked along side some of the best process research scientists in the world, witnessing the "cooking" processes involved in low temperature Poly-Silicon transistor formation.

After a number of years in the UK I was honored to be expatriated to Japan where I worked within a Japanese LCD factory. Under Dutch, Japanese and British management, I was involved in the knowledge transfer from research and development to design for mass manufacture - not always an obvious step. Later, I helped establish a Low-Temperature Poly-Silicon (LTPS) design team within the factory.

After repatriation I joined a small company, Sensatech. It, consisted of one engineer and one technician at the time. It specialises in capacitive measurement circuits and it's here where I learnt the basics of small enterprise and built a number of connections with other technology and knowledge suppliers. I began to pull all this information I had about electronic design tools, technologies and establishments into a form that would eventually lead to the creation of Calibrato.

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Qualified to BEng
Small and large corporation culture awareness
Technologically aware.
Technology/Knowledge supplier awareness.