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About Calibrato

ASIC design

PCB level, FPGA, Embedded Processor, Analogue and Power electronics

Sensor design

As a company Calibrato is not restricted to any particular technology. Depending upon the requirements of the application we are free to choose the most appropriate approach to providing you with want you want..

As well as purely electronic systems our design expertise extends to modeling, measurement, sensors, actuating transducers and complete servo systems. We are also skilled in window application programming.

A purely electronic systems project is normally a project that involves developing a circuit, sometimes with software, that interfaces with further circuits or electronic devices. Interested more here....

A sensor based project is usually a physical measurement with signal conditioning and interfacing to other system components. Measurement is performed with a transducer, transforming a physical action into an electrical signal. We can develop the most appropriate sensor for your application or develop a system based upon a sensor of your choice. We have electronic modeling and simulation capabilities inline with our "right first time" approach to design. more here....

Actuating Transducer based projects are nearly the opposite of the sensor system. A physical action is performed under the order of an electrical signal. The physical action is an energy transformation from electrical to physical and can include, among a whole range of others, heat generation, kinetic movement or light generation. We can develop systems that may well require the development of electrical power amplification circuit to generate the powerful electrical signals from the weaker control signals. more here..

Of course, many projects are not simply one or the other and are often a combination of all three. A servo system uses a transducer to produce a physical action, a sensor measures that action and a circuit is used to close this control loop. more here.....



Technologically uncommitted.
Sensor/Transducer Design
Actuator Design
System Component Design
Servo System Control Loop